Motorcycle Towing

Need motorcycle towing? South Brisbane Towing Services can help

Breakdowns are never fun, no matter what vehicle you’re driving. Motorbike breakdowns, however, can be particularly difficult. Unlike a car, truck, or van, motorcycles don’t offer any shelter from the elements. If your bike breaks down, you’re stuck in blistering sun or pouring rain until help arrives. At night, you don’t have any security, and on a dark country road, it’s not long before your start feeling unsafe.That’s why it’s important to call a towing company that responds quickly.

We, at South Brisbane Towing Services, pride ourselves on fast and friendly service. Our fully licensed tow truck and driver will get to you quickly, so you’re not left feeling vulnerable. We are specially equipped to load, secure and transport all motorcycles. Our operators know what your motorcycle means to you, that’s why we take the greatest care of all our loads.

Motorcycle Towing | Logan | South Brisbane Towing Service

We have specialist training on how to secure motorcycles. Our motorcycle towing won’t put excess pressure on your handlebars or grips and won’t cause handling issues with suspension, handling or fairing. We have experience with all manner of luxury vehicles and will make sure your motorcycle is delivered in the same condition it was loaded.

We do motorcycle towing in the Logan area

The next time you’re stranded, call South Brisbane Towing Services. Our professional motorcycle towing services will collect you and your bike anywhere in the Logan area. We’ll make sure you and your bike are safe and then take you both to where you need to go. Not only are we fast and friendly, but we also offer competitive pricing. If you want an idea of pricing before committing to a tow, feel free to opt for an
online quote. Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so no matter what time you need us, we’ll be there for you.

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